For corporate, construction, or cleaning-use, no matter what kind of business you have. Our beautifully designed sample postcards that are editable in Adobe Illustrator here in are yours for the taking. You can use any of our 100% customizable free downloadable templates that are available in 6x4 inches + Bleed for whatever small business you have. If you have a creative or travel agency, we still got you covered. Are you a realtor looking for a real estate template? We have it. You can use our templates if you have a new business announcement or when your business event planner wants to add them to the event. You can be sure that our high-quality models are ready — download one today.

How to Create a Sample Postcard in Adobe Illustrator?

The business postcard industry is declining when it comes to its delivery. According to the USPS Record Number of Stamped Cards and Postcards Sent via First-Class Mail Since 1926, there is a significant decline in numbers from 2010 to 2018. According to the said record back in 2010, there was a total of 4.3 billion cards sent, while in 2018 there were only 3.6 billion cards sent. That sums to around 38% decline rate within the said years.

Some think that social media platforms have taken the limelight of pictorial, written communication. It is now easy to send a message through our mobile phone compared to writing a letter — approximately 97% of Americans text at least once per week, according to the Pew Research Center. Nevertheless, the symbolic essence and the meaningful significance of the paper are still existing and will surely sustain the market, making handwritten notes a rare commodity in the current world. Regardless of the times, the humanistic nature of relationships is an existing factor in finding one's purpose and developing oneself.

1. Determine the Type of Postcard

Your first step in creating your postcard is in determining its use. Do you want something that helps your spa, catering, or photography business' marketing? Do you need something that showcases your law firm or whatever services? It is going to be easy as long as you know what the end goal is. Try and limit your creativity also, but be wild. You can think of whatever things. The sky is the limit.

2. Download A Template

After finishing determining the type of postcard you wanted to create, you can start downloading any template that you like. Remember that you are still going to edit them. So, don't worry about them having different letterings or titles, especially if it is a template from The models here are 100% customizable and are multipurpose, so you can be sure that you have the freedom to edit our products in whatever style you want. Moving the files are also secure and convenient. You can even have a postcard styled as a business card if you wish.

3. Create a New Document

When you have a template, you can start using your Adobe Illustrator to create your postcard. You can be sure that you will not begin from a blank card if you have any of our downloadable content. So make sure to open our models in editing and creating your postcard.

4. Edit, and Add Designs or Fonts

With your template on the program, you can now start remodeling the model. You can edit or add anything. You should remember to add an address line or the address of the receiver if you wish. If you are sending this due to the coming business holiday like memorial, arbor or thanksgiving day, you might as well include that. Make sure that the receiver should feel that the design was a bit personal. By doing this, you are sure to touch them and earn their smiles when they are reading the card for the very first time.

5. Save and Print

Lastly, be sure to save a copy of the file. Keeping a replica of the format is a must. Within the current world, some malware and viruses exist that often destroy data, like the worm virus and some other. That is why having a back up is necessary. When you are printing, remember to make sure that you are publishing on a paper that is a bit hard and heavy. Just like your advertising brochures, your postcard could act the same way. So make sure it is presentable and beautiful.

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