Sample Postcard Pages Templates

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Pending tasks and a busy schedule may tend to make you stress and forget your loved ones and other transactions with people. So, we would like to help you design a postcard so you can make your recipients feel that they are remembered despite your tight schedule. Here are our Ready-Made Sample Postcard Templates that are available in Apple Pages. Apple users can access these 100% customizable and easily editable files with less to no hassle in just a few clicks. Excellent designs are guaranteed, and the suggestive content can surely serve as your guide on what to include in the postcard. Grab our free Ready-Made Sample Postcard Templates in Apple Pages now!

How to Create a Sample Postcard in Pages

A postcard is a card used for sending a message via mail without an envelope. Typically, it contains a photograph or other illustrations on the other side. In the U.S., postcard history began in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Postcards became known because it is convenient and simple for people to communicate with each other. These are frequently used as tourist souvenirs, business promotion tools, and greeting cards during the holiday season. According to Data & Marketing Association, 52.5 percent of American recipients said that they read postcards and 23.4 percent of them will respond to postcards that are relevant to them. Thus, a well-crafted postcard is a must-have. Read and follow the tips provided below. 

1. Determine the Purpose of your Postcard

Recent marketing studies reveal that direct mail or letter is still much more successful at achieving response rates and conversions than its digital and mass marketing counterparts. Thus, determining the intention of your postcard must be specified. Do you want to reach out to someone for personal reasons, promote your business, or announce an event? Asking these questions to yourself will help you be more specific with your material. 

2. Select a Design Theme

In choosing a design theme, you also need to consider your recipients or audience. That being said, tailor your sample postcard according to their preferences. Go back to the purpose of creating one. Is it used for corporate events, church invitation, or for events and holidays? After that, you can formulate design ideas for your custom postcard— be it a vintage postcard, minimal, modern, or traditional postcard. 

3. Layout and Design your Sample Postcard

Design elements and text must be presented well in your postcard. Keep your content concise. Use simple and active sentences, along with a readable typeface. For instance, a simple postcard. Make it minimal yet still stunning. This is suitable for businesses reaching out to their customers or other companies. Traditional postcard designs are typically made up of images along with minimal graphics and text. Other modern postcard layouts focused more on typography and much more applicable to invitations and save-the-date cards.

4. Utilize Pertinent Images

Postcards must contain high-quality images. To achieve that, set the resolution to 300 dpi. Just a tip, to have a good quality output, increase the image's resolution. Reduce its size and vice versa. If you opt to create a modern postcard, use different image sizes. Use the extra space for borders and texts. Incorporate relevant images and other design elements to produce a stronger impact on your postcards.

5. Download a Sample Postcard Template

Save time and effort in crafting a sample postcard by using a template available online. For added convenience, explore this website to find plenty of available postcard design templates. Choose what best for your event, business, or preferences. Open and customize it using Apple Pages. 

6. Print with Quality

People find it special if you send them printed postcards. The tendency is that they will keep and treasure it. Thus, opting for high-quality paper and card stocks for printing is required.