Proudly present your incredibly designed postcard to your recipients — may it be your family, friends, and other important persons — through the use of our free Ready-Made Sample Postcard Templates that are available in Adobe Photoshop file format. With our templates, you can play with the colors and designs to achieve your desired output. You can also choose the color scheme that best represents your individuality, and you can also incorporate your own design. Why download our templates, you say? Our templates are fully customizable and can be edited in a breeze. So, why wait for tomorrow when you can download this today? Thus, act now by downloading our Ready-Made Sample Postcard Templates in Photoshop right away!

How to Create A Sample Postcard in Adobe Photoshop

If you want to send a letter to someone in a creative way then why not use postcards? People are starting to lose their interest in the importance of postcards when digital technology started to rise up. But did you know that sending one is still one of the most thoughtful things to do? The best thing about postcards is that you can send them without putting them inside an envelope. If you are interested in making one, then maybe our steps below can help you with your work. Check out the steps below.

1. Select a Size

First of all, you have to select a size for your basic postcard so that you can estimate the accessible space for your content. But to give you a head start, the size of a minimum postcard is 3.5 by 5 inches meanwhile the maximum size ranges 4.25 by 6 inches. Simply choose any postcard size which is convenient for you to use. And make sure it matches your preferences.

2. Get a Template Online

As you can see earlier, we have curated high-quality and editable modern postcard templates that you can use for any sort. And since you've already decided the size of your card, use it as a basis to narrow down your picks. Select one that suits your objective perfectly.

3. Enhance/Improve the Template's Design

After downloading a template online, you can start enhancing the designs and other visual elements of your business postcard using Adobe Photoshop (.psd). Some of our templates already have their own designs and graphics. But not to worry, all of them can be edited easily with just a few clicks. Make sure that you choose the best editing program such as Photoshop so that you won't be having any difficulty all throughout the process.

4. State your Message

Once you have made the adjustments to the layout of the postcard template, you can already start writing the message. Upon writing your message, you have the freedom to say anything you wanted to stay. You can either share your experiences during your travel vacation, invite someone in a thanksgiving or wedding celebration or maybe about a new business announcement. Other people prefer writing their messages digitally but there are some who still prefer the old and traditional way — writing their messages manually. Go for anything that works best for you as long as the message is well-written.

5. Print and Send to your Recipient

And finally, you are down to the last step in postcard making. If you're 100% sure that your designs and messages have no mistakes, then you can already proceed with the editing process. Remember to use a sturdy paper type in printing the printable postcard. Don't just use a plain type of paper so that the quality will remain vibrant and beautiful as soon as your recipient receives the letter.

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