How To Create A Simple Postcard In Apple Pages?

Whatever postcard you are making—simple, blank, and sample postcard, they have three things in common: visual-candies, memorable, and straightforward. Why? Simply because it is a marketing strategy for businesses and used for personal purposes such as conveying a message and as a greeting card for Christmas, wedding, birthday, and others. Well, to learn more about it read this article further and find out tips you can use in creating a simple postcard.

1. Review Essential Factors

The first step you need to do is to know the essential factors of your postcard. What type of simple postcard are you making? You need to choose the theme of your postcard base on what would be its purpose. Are you flaunting your newly-opened barbershop? How about your business postcard for an event? Answering these critical questions will lead you to your postcard's written outline that you can use in the succeeding steps.

2. Write A Smart Headline

It is a 50/50 shot whether your audience will look at any side of your postcard, so make a compelling headline. Your front and back part of your postcard must contain a catchy caption and must work together to reinforce a strong message. Format your headline and add your desired format and color. Your headline should be in bold form for emphasis. If your headline is not promising enough, you can adjust the size, color or font until you reach its desired appearance.

3. Market Your Business

The main goal for your postcard is to market your business. With that, share the reason why your company must be chosen. Spell out the benefits they can get from you. Accompanied by marketing your business is your company name, logo, contact information, and return address. It would be an addition to advertising your business as you are reassuring your customers that you are committed enough.

4. Keep It Simple

People are likely scanning hundreds and hundreds of documents each day. How will you make your postcard stand out from others? Keep it simple. A cluttered postcard is always rejected. Make your texts clear, brief, and straight to the point. Your postcard must be driven with the imagery and as minimal words as possible to assure its effectivity. E.g., if you are an event planner for a real estate event and wanted to make a printable postcard for it, include a statement or two and add the 'save the date' phrase.

5. Include Appropriate Imagery

Images can paint a thousand words and make sure to tell the right story you wanted to convey. You only have a second or two to capture your audience's attention, so make sure that you will establish a positive image. If you are making a marketing plan for your professional and political law firm, include images to your postcard related to professional law. Afterward, test your picture by removing your texts and observe them. Can you still get the message in your real estate postcard? If not, then your image is ineffective.

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