When it comes to the busy and costly industry of the contractor field, there’s a great deal of time and resources that get invested into projects. Therefore, it’s crucial that plenty of careful and efficient planning is done before actually carrying out those projects. Though, to achieve this, a fair bit of paperwork and documentation should be taken care of--from analyzing budgets to scheduling tasks. So, are you looking to speed up the writing process of these documents? Well then, have a look at our easily editable Pre Construction Templates for Google Sheets! Expedite your paperwork with our professional samples, which you can print in A4 and US sizes. Download now--plan out your team progress, financial information, and more with our original content!

How to Make Pre Construction Templates in Google Sheets?

Our ability to build structures stems back from our simple yet essential need for shelter. And ever since then, the construction of buildings has evolved into a worldwide industry.

So, be it the construction of residential homes or commercial office space, effective construction requires a phase of planning and assessment before a project takes place. To help you expedite this stage, we’ve outlined some tips (below) on how to prepare reusable pre-construction templates in Google Sheets!

1. Plan Out the Cells for Your Document

After opening a new file/template in Google Sheets, you should start off by estimating how many cells you’ll need to use--add/remove cells from your planned table later, if necessary. Next, in the top row of your table, label the cells with the categories for your data; do the same for the left-most column.

2. Input All the Necessary Data

With the labels put in place, it’s time to input the data for your work. Be sure to pay attention to what categories you place each bit of data into. If you’re working with values/amounts and need to include their sums to your construction datasheet, then reserve the right-most and/or bottom of your table, depending on the format you need to follow.

3. Make Your Table More Readable

Creating a table or spreadsheet involves many repetitive patterns for organizing your data, which can make readers get lost when trying to follow how the information is laid out. So, to remedy this issue, it’s a good idea to make use of various colors and tones for your sheets. Remember to use contrasting tones between the font and cell color to prevent them from just blending into each other!

4. Transfer the Table Into a Text Document

Now that you’re done with creating a table/sheet, you can add it to a text document. To do this, simply highlight the entire table and use the copy-paste function to transfer it onto the document. If your document already has content in it, then make sure to reserve space for the table beforehand!

Once your work is done, you now have a pre-construction template design that you can reuse for schedules, reports, pricing, and more for a future planning phase!

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