Pre-construction documents include detailed analysis of a construction project’s budget estimate, schedule, the scope of work, construction agreements and contracts, plans, specifications, and timelines. This information, which should be in the client’s possession or which are reasonably obtainable, must all be relevant to the project. If you need any of these documents, we have here 100% customizable Pre-Construction Templates in Apple Pages. These templates are pre-written with creative content so you don't have to start from scratch. So take a look at our extensive library and download the files you need if you sign up right now.

How to Prepare a Pre-Construction Phase in Apple Pages?

Before you begin building your next construction project, there is a phase known as the “pre-construction” phase that serves to layout and schedules the project for the construction team and the client. This includes preliminary design, planning and management, and everything else that is necessary to ensure that the construction project runs without a hitch. What do you do during this phase of the project?

1. Outline Your Pre-Construction Process

This process is important to the success of the project. Known more formally as the design phase, this gives the owners a full understanding of the cost, scope, and the construction schedule of the project. Meet with the client and the general contractor to get a better sense of what the client wants and needs. This is the time to define goals and objectives and address any issues that may arise out of the meeting.

2. Determine Guidance and Leadership

Pre-construction services will need more than just documents and plans. There is also a need to guide clients through every step of the process and provide them with information to keep them guided. The pre-construction period is the time for the contractor to give recommendations regarding what is best for the client’s budget and to help them meet their goals.

3. Create a Construction Checklist

Among the documents and activities, you can expect to check during the pre-construction phase include design planning, cost estimating, project scope management, site selection and study feasibility, soil condition evaluation, life cycle analysis, and contingency outlining and planning. Creating a checklist will ensure that you do not miss anything before the construction project begins.

4. Make a Budget

Pre-construction costs are dependent on the project scope, location, and more. However, according to, they generally cost around one to three percent of the overall project price. It is important to discuss pre-construction costs as they come before the bid for the actual construction.

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