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What is a Preschool Brochure

Preschool is the first step of children in education. It plays an important role in a child's development. It allows them to learn while having fun socializing with other children in their age group. Having a brochure is an excellent strategy in marketing your learning center since parents can take it home with them for them to read and know more about what your center offers. A preschool brochure is a document made specifically for promoting early childhood education centers. It is a tool made to persuade parents to enroll their children in a learning center.

How to Create a Preschool Brochure

preschool brochure template

Learn how to craft a preschool brochure that will help you market your learning institution to parents. Follow the simple steps listed below and make your unique preschool brochure.

1. Open an Editing Program

The first step is to choose an editing program you are confident to use. Programs like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator have a lot of tools and layouts that can help you design the perfect preschool brochure. These programs can be manipulated easily even for an amateur editor. You can create your preschool brochure from scratch using those programs. You can also download a ready-made preschool brochure template from and personalize it to your liking since these templates are compatible with any program available.

2. Decide Brochure Theme

Before deciding the color scheme or designs you would want to include, decide what your theme is. Is it a church preschool brochure? Preschool graduation brochure? Or a summer camp brochure? Deciding the theme of your preschool brochure will guide you in designing your brochure. Having a theme will make it easier for you to choose the appropriate photo, content, and graphics for the brochure. A tip to making a preschool brochure is to use colors that are bright and fun.

3. Write the Content

The content is the most important aspect of your school brochure. Your first page should place a call to action which is the title of the brochure. The title of your preschool brochure should be written in big letters to catch attention. A brochure is a mix of the visual and written presentation that should be balanced. Choose simple fonts to make the brochure easy to the eyes. Make sure that the information you wrote on the brochure are facts.

4. Compile Images

Include relevant images that can be used as documentation to what goes on in on your learning center. You can add photos of the preschoolers listening to class or engrossed in an activity. These are some of the typical photos your reader might want to see. Images also add visual design and appeal to your brochure so make sure that the images you used are high resolutions. Using pixelated photos will defeat the brochure's purpose.

5. Add Contact Information

An education brochure should always include basic information about your organization. Adding the contact information about your learning center can make it easier for parents to contact you. Especially, when they have questions about your center. Your contact information would also make parents more comfortable whenever they would want to check on their children.

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