What Is a Printable Resume?

A resume is a document that summarizes a job applicant's credentials and qualifications and is sent in response to a job posting. Specifically, a sample resume summarizes the applicant's work experience, educational background, skills, and achievements to show their value to the employer. It is required in job applications and acts as a source of information for employers to assess whether the applicant is a viable candidate for a preliminary or initial interview.

How to Make a Printable Resume?

After you're done with school, looking for a job is the next chapter in life and is important for earning money for the future. Looking at job postings may seem easy but securing a position is not, which is why you need to ensure that your resume stands out and gets noticed by the hiring manager. If you don't know how to make one, refer to the list below to guide you in making a resume that'll help you secure a job.

1. Choose a Layout

The most basic resume layout consists of a blank document containing lists of information about the individual. However, if you want your resume to look more presentable and elegant, you can choose to make professional resumes instead. You can use programs such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator to customize and add personal touches to the layout, just make sure that your information is grouped to make it easier for readers to get the details they need.

2. Number of Pages

For people with little to no job experience, their information is very limited so they often end writing with one-paged or beginner resumes. Experienced professionals, on the other hand, will need to utilize a two-page resume to have enough room for showcasing their career, others would even end up with three pages.

3. Self Portrait

While this isn't a necessity for simple resumes, but you can always attach a portrait to provide employers with information on how you present yourself. As long as it looks presentable, you can use either an ID or a graduation photo. However, there may also be employers who would require a specific size and background color for the resume photo, simply comply with their requirements.

4. Filling in Your Information

The most important part of any worker resume is the list of information that will be used by employers to determine whether or not you're the right person for the job. You can start by providing personal information such as your name, current age, date of birth, etc. Afterward, you can proceed to write down the names of the schools you've enrolled, the companies you've worked for (if applicable), and the people who can provide employers with their objective opinion about you. Additionally, you may be allowed to include in your resume a list of skills and hobbies, just make sure to limit it to only those that are relevant to the nature of the job.

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