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What Is a Product Manager Job Description?

A product manager job description is a document that clearly outlines the tasks of the position. This document is helpful when a company decides to hire a product manager.

How to Write a Product Manager Job Description

According to Chron, addressing the customer's needs is one of the keys of a good product. Being a product manager is not easy and it's also hard to find one given the task and competition between the applicants. However, you can get people to submit their application documents with a job description.

Read our tips below if you need to write one.

1. Give a Summary

Summarize the job in one or two sentences. A short summary of the job makes applicants understand what it is all about.

2. List the Duties

Make a list of the product manager's duties and responsibilities. You have to remember that these duties should align with the summary and the nature of the position. Never write any irrelevant item in this part.

3. Enumerate Skills

Name the skills and qualifications that you're looking for a product manager. Make sure that each item in this outline is clear and relevant for the applicants. Though it's quite similar, remember that skills are what a person can do while qualifications are the achievements or requirements that makes a person suitable for a job.

4. Get a Response

Make sure to get an answer from the applicants by prompting a call to action. Include your contact information for queries and resume submissions.

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