What Is a Production Flowchart?

This is a type of flowchart used in visually outlining various processes found in production work.

As explained by the Houston Chronicle (a US-based publication), flowcharts are highly versatile in use, utilized in all kinds of industries. This is especially beneficial for the numerous procedures involved in manufacturing goods and products.

How to Make a Production Flowchart in Google Docs

Whether it’s bread, plastic, or games, a flowchart is undoubtedly helpful for creating and handling consumer items. However, if you’re not sure how to make such diagrams in Google Docs, then consider reading our tips just below!

1. Find Google Docs’ Drawing Feature

First off, find the Drawing option within the Google Docs interface. After opening a new blank file, click on Drawing under the Insert tab (in the upper section) and choose New. This prompts a new smaller window inside of Docs, which is where you create the flowchart’s main body.

2. Start with an Oval

In proper flowchart documents, there are several commonly used universal symbols for quick comprehension. One of these is the oval, which marks your flowchart’s starting point, as well as the end. To add an oval (and other following symbols), go to Shape > Shapes and pick from the menu. Then, after inserting your oval, type in an appropriate label by clicking said shape.

Stretch and rotate your shapes by click-dragging their blue nodes that appear when you click them. And, to reposition a shape, simply click-drag it to the preferred spot.

3. Actions, Inputs, and Outputs

Two other common flowchart symbols are the rectangle and parallelogram. Rectangles are for the various actions in your workflow, while parallelograms are for inputs and outputs.

In your production chart, inputs are items that go into actions for processing, such as raw materials. Outputs are results that come from an action’s completion, like a finished product or partial assembly.

Also, use arrows symbols when connecting steps and directing the diagram’s flow. To add an arrow, click Select Line (to the left of Shape). Adjust your arrows similarly to the other symbols.

4. Decisions and Loops

Some production workflows contain steps for making decisions, which lead to at least two separate paths. So, when representing these decisions in your own document, insert a diamond symbol.

There are also loops that occur within flowcharts. If your own production process has such a loop, arrange the symbols accordingly and have an arrow represent the direction for looping back to the start. And, after completing your flowchart, click the Text Box tool and add a fairly detailed title above the chart--something similar to “Simple Corrective Action” or “Coffee Production Schedule.”

And so, just remember our tips and making a production flowchart becomes easier in Google Docs. However, if you need editable content, then have a look at our Production Flowchart Templates!

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