If you host an internship, mentoring, leadership, or training program, you need to give your participants a certificate of participation or completion. It will serve as a certification or proof that they completed the program's requirements. With that said, you should download and use our ready-made Program Certificate Templates. All these templates are complete with the designs and content you can need in a certificate; all you need to do is change the names. Plus, it comes in various formats such as Microsoft Word and Publisher, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy these perks if you click the download button today!

How to Create a Program Certificate

Like a university diploma, a program certificate attests that a participant graduated or completed the course. Participants can use the certificates to get accreditations or employment. But if you're having a hard time creating your program certificates, we have some useful tips you can use below.

1. Choose a Professional Layout

As mentioned, a program certificate acts like a diploma; therefore, it should look professional. Opt for a simple layout with minimal designs. If you want to use borders, go for a minimalist look or something that exudes elegance like a simple filigree border.

2. Provide Complete Information

Your participants will most probably use the certificate to qualify for a promotion or a job; that's why it must have all the relevant information about the program. You should include the agency's name, program's name, duration or date, date of issuance, and signature of the organizer or speaker.

3. Authenticate

There have been issues with people faking fellowship certificates or training certificates to get a job or accreditation, which can be bad for your organization. It is important to authenticate your program certificates by adding official seals or unique serial numbers to avoid forgery.

4. Take Advantage of Templates

You can find a lot of program certificate templates online, like in template.net. These editable templates are all ready to use and print; therefore, all you need to do is change the company name, participant name, dates, and other information relevant to your program.

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