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  • With our current technology, almost everything is ready in an instant. This is all thanks to those professionals who have educated themselves into becoming experts in their fields. On one end, programmers have set up servers and developed databases that help productivity and practicality for companies. They create systems and sometimes even applications that are useful for the team. If you are looking for a talented programmer to join your organization, use our Free Ready-Made Programmer Job Description Templates for your recruitment process! Through its personalizable features so you can add your specifications conveniently! Instantly downloadable, editable, printable. So, grab a copy now in Microsoft Word, Pages, or Google Docs!

    What Is a Programmer Job Description?

    A programmer job description is a tool an employer uses in orienting his or her potential programmer applicants. It defines the position's expected job duties and obligations after they become hired.

    How to Create an Enticing Programmer Job Description

    In data recorded by Statista, around $3,360 billion are spent globally in 2019 on technology in various business uses. With its proven efficiency and efficacy of data transmission, there is no reason to not invest in technologies and other modern trends for such practical value.

    While establishing a technology-based mechanism for your company is an intricate step, you are guaranteed that talented programmers can accomplish these tasks. Hence, producing a job description that calls on experts through specific details is a must. Below are a few steps you can use to create an enticing programmer job description.

    1. Identify the Programmer You Want

    It's a general requirement for any job description to provide detailed specifics. Thus, at the very beginning of your programmer job description, point out precisely the type of programmer that you are looking for. Know that programmers vary depending on their specialization and what you're keening for to develop. So make sure you point out what characteristics they should have, their academic attainment, and how much previous experience they should have. 

    2. Include a Company Overview

    While your company may not be known, you have to provide a company overview in your document. Keep it concise and comprehensive. You may share your history, some prominent achievements, or describe the nature of your work.

    3. Cite the Job Scope

    To uphold comprehensiveness and clarity, specify the job duties and responsibilities of your wanted programmer. Word out its range and the limitations of their work. You should also name or cite the department/s that he or she will most likely be working with.

    4. Request the Requirements

    List all the requirements that you want the candidates to provide. These can be a resume, certificates, and even school transcripts. Remember to specify it precisely in your job description.

    5. Provide Contact Details

    Should any of the candidates have further questions that cannot be answered in the job description, its best to add in your company contact details. Be sure that these crucial details are properly and mistake-free spelled out.


  • What is a programmer?

      A programmer is also known as a computer programmer. Ther are individuals who design and formulate computer programs or software for various uses.

  • What are other programmer jobs out there?

      There many types of programmer jobs out there; it all depends on the project. Some of these are:
      1. A.I. Programmer
      2. SAS Programmer
      3. CNC Programmer
      4. Ruby on Rails Programmer
      5. Crestron Programmer
      6. Drupal Programmer
      7. Python Programmer

  • Can I become a programmer even without a college diploma?

      It can be hard for you to look for a company that can trust your skills in programming if you’re not a college graduate. Based on industry standards, you must finish at least a college degree that has relevance to computer programming, such as Computer Science or Information Technology. There are also some companies that accept associate degrees.

  • What are some examples of computer languages?

      Basic examples of computer languages are HTML, CSS, XML, Latex, and SQL.

  • How much does a computer programmer earn?

      According to the U.S. Bureau Labor Statistics in 2018, computer programmers earn an estimate of $84,280 per year or $40.52 per hour,