How to Create a Project Calendar in Pages

A project calendar is only a part of your project management. But without proper scheduling and delegating tasks, it will be a challenge to move forward. According to the Project Failure article by Dick Billows, most organizations have a failure rate of 70%, while the Project Management Institute reported that 37% of projects fail due to lack of specific objectives and milestones. With proper planning and management, failure can be avoided.

To help you get started, we have come up with an easy-to-understand guide on how to improve your project calendar output.

1. Identify All Necessary Activities

Know what are the steps and/or activities that need to be done in order to make this project happen. Don’t think about the project timeline yet; it’s important to ensure that you have all the steps gathered first. Make a checklist as necessary.

2. Apply Color Coding Method

Assign a different color for each task or category. You can color it according to priority to easily pinpoint those tasks that need to be done on a particular date and time. Color coding will also help project team members in identifying their assigned tasks.

3. Set Your Project Timeline and Milestones

How long does it take to finish this project? What are the milestones your team needs to accomplish in a specific time period? Answering these questions will help you allocate proper resources and keep track of the progress of your team.

4. Assign Tasks to Appropriate Team Members

Make sure to assign tasks fairly and appropriately. Some employees may be overworked or underworked, and this may create friction amongst the team. Balance the workload to each team member.

5. Monitor on a Regular Basis

Monitoring your project calendar from time to time is part of your assessment process to ensure that tasks are done accordingly, resources are properly allocated, and that the team is making actual progress.

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