After someone completes a project, most likely, he or she will receive a certificate. This certificate is essential to show appreciation or recognition after work completion. Aside from that, this document also reveals the legitimacy of successfully finishing a project. And with that, show appreciation to anyone who's finished a project successfully in your company today. Pick one from this collection of Project Certificate Templates in Adobe Illustrator (AI). These templates are ready-made and professionally designed. Each certificate contains suggestive content as your guide. What are you waiting for? Download a template now!

How to Create a Project Certificate in Adobe Illustrator

According to Career Quest, certification shows that you're a qualified individual for your career. Aside from that, a certificate also showcases someone's achievements or excellence in a project.

If you need to make a project certificate in Adobe Illustrator for completing project work, educational project, summer project, etc., follow the tips below.

1. Highlight the Title

When creating a sample certificate for project completion or a certified expert in project management, always highlight the title. The title must have a bigger font size and has to be bold compared to other content. You can place the title on the upper center of the certificate to make it visible.

2. Provide Vital Details

Another tip in creating a modern certificate is only to include the crucial details. These details are the title, recipient's name, project's name, institution or company logo, receiving date, and signature(s). Additionally, the certificate's sentences or details have to be short to become readable. Never put long paragraphs on the document, or it won't look flattering.

3. Keep the Look Minimal

Like any other certificates such as a diploma certificate and certificate of appreciation or recognition, your document must have a minimal design. As you know, simplicity showers your document professionalism, so use it.

To start with that, you may use one or two colors for your design. You should also keep two to three font styles to keep a simple layout. Using more than what's required can turn your document into a nightmare.

4. Add a Border

To add a classic style to your certificate, you can add a border as your graphic design to it. Adobe Illustrator has a lot of border designs for you. Pick any border design from the vector graphics editor that matches your company's style.

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