Managing and working on a project, regardless of whether it is a small or big one, can be stressful and requires time and effort. But, the feeling of completing a project successfully is another story. That is why businesses need to give employees who have something that will acknowledge their efforts and hard work. This is where project completion certificates come into play. Here, we have sample Project Certificate Templates with well-written content 100% customizable in PSD and pre-made designs. Get the template that you want right away, download now!

How to Make a Project Certificate in Adobe Photoshop

Making certificates for various uses is not that difficult, but it is important to make sure that it contains accurate information and fits its purpose. To help you create a certificate for a project completion activity, follow the given steps below. Here's how.

1. Open a Blank Document in PSD

Start making a project completion certificate by opening a blank document in Adobe Photoshop. There are various software editing applications that you can use in making one, but one of the most convenient and useful applications is PSD. Here, open a document and start the layout and decide whether the certificate is in portrait or landscape format. You can also begin designing the outer part of the material to make the certificate attractive.

2. Add the Basic Information

Once you have already done the base part of your sample certificate, the next thing you need to do is to add the basics. These details include company brands such as company logo, name, address, email address, and contact number. Ensure that the company brand is present in the project certificate, especially if you are giving it to a freelance employee since it can also serve as a marketing tool.

3. Write the Overall Content

The overall content means the words that will justify what the project certificate is all about. Begin by writing a certificate of completion header that should be placed at the center of your printable certificate. Then follow a statement that reads, "The present document certifies that" or "This certificate is hereby bestowed upon" to introduce the recipient of the certificate. Write also the details of what the receiver accomplished.

4. Acknowledge the Issuer

After that, finalize your project certificate by acknowledging its issuer. This can be the manager or the company owner. Introduce the issuer by writing statements like "This activity was awarded by" or "Awarded on the 24th day of July 2030." Then, provide a space for the signature. To make your basic certificate flexible and usable for multiple times, only provide blank spaces for the recipient, issuer, and date details.

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