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How to Produce a Project Desk Calendar?

There are various things to remember and take note of during a project, from meetings, deadlines, reports, and updates. A project desk calendar is a series of pages showing the months, weeks, and days in a year, and is specifically used for marking down important dates in the timeline of a project. This is to make sure the user of the calendar can keep track of the project’s progress and never miss a date.

Ever since the invention of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, the common day calendar is used to mark down holidays, events, and other important dates. Whether it be a school project or a project at the office, it is certainly important to have an easy reminder of all the dates regarding this. In order to make your desk calendar effective, you will need to make your stand out among the usual calendars with its appearance. To get started on making one, continue reading and check out the following:

1. List The Dates

A lot of things happen within a project. Things such as fieldwork, meetings, appointments, and schedules. List of all it down and place them on the calendar. In the same way as planners, you may allocate space on your calendar to include details such as the time and the venue of such events. If you want to go further, you may write down the names of people, companies, and items that are involved as well. You may even indicate which of these dates are highly prioritized so you can remember it when you glance at your calendar.

2. Get Creative

With the editable features of our templates, you can exercise your creativity when using this calendar. One way to do it is by using color-coding to organize your calendar. You can use one color for high priority events and another color for those of lower priority. With your creativity, you can incorporate editorial calendar elements into your design template. Doing this will encourage you to glance and use your desk calendar a lot more, especially when it is visually appealing to you.

3. Make It Professional

Considering this desk calendar is for project management, you can certainly add your company/organization's brand so it can serve as a marketing tool as well. You may add the name, logo, and even the letterhead so that your company can be discovered by potential clients. You may also include your company's color scheme and its format to its style. That should be easy with the template's user-friendly features.

4. Assemble and Set It

Once you've come up with your design and your format of organizing your project dates, you can then place all the pages together using stationery items and create a simple calendar. Finally, set it down your deck where you can glance at it for an easy reminder of the timeline of your project. Whether at the work station, or your study table, you are now equipped with a project desk calendar.

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