Time is one of the crucial aspects of any project. Once a single moment is lost, mismanaged maybe, you can never get it back. Thus, in the preparation phase, scheduling is one of the important steps that must be done. So to help remind you to do your tasks and beat the deadline for your projects, a desk calendar is the perfect tool to help you. We have here ready-made Project Desk Calendar Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages. These are complete with the necessary elements that you can easily modify according to your requirements. It’s editable and printable in various sizes for your extra time-saving benefit! Dowload now!

How to Craft a Project Desk Calendar in Apple (MAC) Pages

Based on the historical records by WebExhibits, before the Gregorian Calendar was applied and has been universally used today, the Julian Calendar was then used. It was pretty accurate. However, throughout several centuries, the Julian Calendar was identified to be out for 11 minutes and 30 seconds, causing confusion in schedule tracking.

In today’s time, tracking dates has always been so convenient, thanks to the innovative efforts of the first people. Now, see how we help you manage your schedules for your particular project by providing you a list below of the fundamentals in creating a project desk calendar in Apple (MAC) Pages.

1. Identify the Orientation

Desk calendars are sleek, minimalistic, and prompt as it is commonly designated for office tables, which can be an immediate reference of the user. In line with that, identify first your ideal orientation, vertical or horizontal, for your project desk calendar before making any of its layouts. In Apple (MAC) Pages, just simply click the Document tab at the top and choose your preferred orientation.

2. Layout the Basics

It’s not a calendar when there is no layout for the days, months, and year. Hence, the very first thing you should do is to mark this down into your project desk calendar layout. Decide if it's going to be a monthly calendar or an annual deask calendar. On that note, make sure that the dates and numbers are exactly coordinated with the month/year it will be used. One single mistake can create a domino effect on your schedule.

Seeing as how this can be quite a tedious task to accomplish, why not just grab a template? See above our original deals of project desk calendar templates with ready calendar elements included!

3. Plot Your Schedule

Once you have your calendar basics ready, you can now plot your specific project schedule on it. Mark your essential dates and indicate the time. You may also use a highlighter or color so you can easily distinguish one date from another, or classify its level of importance. You may also add a personal touch of graphic designs.

4. Provide a Space for Notes

We also highly recommend you allow a small text box in your project desk calendar where you can write special notes or instructions. This can be an additional helpful feature for you to be reminded about certain events or tasks.

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