As a business organization, it is essential that you hire the most qualified and talented project manager as this employee is the main responsible for the overall success of your project. Using a job description during your job advertisement is the best way to hire one since you can set your certain standards in this document, helping applicants in deciding whether they are qualified or not. With this document, you can also comply with the required regulatory compliance. If you don’t have a template for this document yet, you may check our site for 100% customizable and professionally written Project Manager Job Description Templates. Subscribe with our subscription plans now! 

What Is a Project Manager Job Description?

The project manager job description is a document that clearly states the manager’s duties and responsibilities, qualifications, and skills. As stated by SHRM, the job description is an essential document in human resource management. This document is a good communication tool between the company and the applicants.

How to Write a Project Manager Job Description

Writing the job description should include the essential details to avoid confusion and misunderstanding between the hiring company and the applicant. You can also find sample job descriptions on our site. To give you insights on how to properly write a job description, we have outlined below some few reliable tips.

1. Know Your Requirements

As you write your job description, make sure that you know your requirements in qualifications and skills, especially that there are entry-level and experienced applicants. You can set a meeting with your senior management to determine your requirements as this will provide ideas to the applicant and will be used throughout your hiring process.

2. Write a Job Summary

The job summary tells a story to the applicant on why you need such a position in your organization. You can also introduce your company, including your products and services in the job summary to connect with your need for the position.

3. List the Duties and Responsibilities

Use bullet points in this section. When writing the manager’s duties and responsibilities, you should use action words and include your expectations from the employee. Each duty and responsibility should be concise and direct to the point.

4. Include Your Required Qualifications

After stating the duties and responsibilities, include your specific qualifications. For instance, in construction project management, your project manager’s qualifications should be the following:
- Bachelor’s degree holder of construction management, engineering, and other similar college degree
- With 5 to 7 years of experience in construction management or other similar fields
- Proficient in computer applications
- Highly knowledgeable in construction management, engineering, and architecture principles
- Strong leadership and management skills

5. Review Your Job Description

To ensure that your job description has no typographical errors, intricate sentences, or any mistakes, you should proofread it at least twice. Keep in mind that any mistake in this document may confuse the applicants.

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