Projects require continuous updates and discussions to ensure each action item is completed within schedule. Daily, weekly, or monthly meetings are frequent events to ensure project implementation reaches a high level of accuracy and efficiency. In this sense, you need to use our ready-made Project Meeting Minutes Templates to help you note important decisions, proposals, and actions agreed on during every meeting. These are easily editable templates with professional layouts in Microsoft Word (.docx), Apple Pages, Google Docs, and PDF file formats. Take project meeting minutes with ease with our templates today!

How to Take Project Meeting Minutes

Statistics show that meetings have an average duration of 31 to 60 minutes; this is a by 10% in the last 15 years. With this, taking meeting minutes became a basic, necessary skill for every employee. To help you out, we have a short guide on how to take project meeting minutes below effectively.

1. Familiarize the Agenda

Before the meeting, an invitation will provide the agenda for the meeting. You should study the key topics; get to know the subtopics, related details, and other important information to ensure you can anticipate and follow the discussion flow.

2. Get to Know the Participants

Aside from familiarizing the topics, you should also get to know the participants. You should note their names and their roles concerning the project, especially since their inputs will be solicited during the meeting, and they are part of the decision-making body.

3. Ready a Template

You should prepare a minute template way ahead of time. Using a ready-made template will allow you to input the details quickly, especially since the discussion will not pause or stop while you take notes. You can download ready-made templates online, like in Most templates on the said website are editable and available in various file formats.

4. Note the Important Topics Only

As mentioned, you must study the subtopics and related details of each agenda item. Doing so ensures you can easily determine the important information from the less important ones.

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