Are you having a hard time selling out your properties? Well, you should try out promoting such valuable properties through a professionally designed brochure. If you don’t know where to start, we will guide you through the process, just check out the pro tips and suggestions below. You may also choose from our high-quality templates printable templates. Feel free to access and download the 100% customizable and fully editable property brochure templates all available for download through Illustrator, Apple Pages, InDesign, Photoshop, MS Word, and Publisher. Convince your target market to contact you and make deals with you. Create something that they will comprehend and remember easily. With the help of this site, you will be ready to give away your property brochure that creates a lasting impression.

What is a brochure?

A brochure is an informative promotional tool that can be folded into different folding techniques, like the bi-fold and tri-fold. Brochures contain pictures and information about a certain product or service. These marketing templates are commonly used by marketers and entrepreneurs to highlight a product, company, or service.

How to Create a Property Brochure

property brochure template

Competition is tight in the real estate industry, agents and brokers do their best with their real estate business plans to close the best deals. Property management covers a wide scope because it includes commercial and residential property, property insurance, property investment, and other aspects in the real estate industry.

Property agents must do their best to showcase the best properties so that they can translate their goals into sales. One good way of promotion is through making and distributing real estate brochures. Brochures help capture the attention of potential buyers and investors, most especially if they are paired with captivating visual effects and product information content.

1. Define Objectives

Before anything else, identify your objectives on why you want to promote your services and properties in your area. Ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve. Sending out marketing brochures requires thorough research because you’ll have to set goals and determine your distribution strategy. Through your research, identify the strategic areas and approaches you for the promotion. As a real estate agent, it’s better to make a clear schedule and a marketing strategy.

2. Execute the Design Project

Bi-fold, tri-fold, or multi-fold sale brochures have varying layout functions. Identify which one to use and what will work best with your specifications. Use professional design elements like fonts, colors, and backgrounds. Aim for a clean design because people respond well to clutter-free content. The overall layout of the brochure must effectively convey your message, thus convincing people to transact with you.

3. Place Attractive Images

People need to see to believe, especially in a real estate setting. High-quality images add beauty and credibility to the whole marketing effort. Impress your future clients through images that speak on so many levels. Every asset within the property must be captured and placed in the brochure. Always remember that your creative brochure will be a reflection of whatever property you're putting on the market.

4. Add in a Call To Action

The main goal of making a professional real estate brochure is to create an avenue for people to know about your services and offers. Your overall content would be useless if you didn't convince people to contact you. A call to action is an invitation for people to take the desired action, so it's truly a helpful tool. Some call to action examples are as follows: join our monthly listing report, register for market information, talk to a knowledgeable agent, etc.

5. Use High-Quality Printing Materials

Your design must be composed of simple statements. Make it comprehensive and complete to avoid any wastage of space. Cater to the needs of both your firm and the clients you work for. After completing your printable brochure design, go to a reliable print shop and use a good paper stock to get the best results.

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