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Have you seen those discount cards that stores punched for extra discounts? Have you tried those behavior and attendance cards that your teachers give you for tracking?  All those are called punch cards. 

These weirdly named cards are tools that are used to generate sales in a business using rewards and discounts. These cards can also be used for frequent customers as loyalty cards. Punch cards are also used to track behavior and attendance in a school setting, especially for younger students. These flexible cards can be used in many other ways depending on the needs and interests of the users. Punch cards are commonly used in restaurants, cafes, schools, and other establishments. 

Create quality cards using’s Punch Card Templates in Adobe Illustrator. You will not need to make everything from scratch as these templates are already available for use. These templates are with sample textual and elements for an effective punch card template. Everything is editable and customizable giving users the freedom to customize however they want the card to look. Producing copies of these punch cards will not be a hassle as all these templates are printable, digitally available, and downloadable. The punch cards are sized to the universal standard needed for a punch card. Everything can be accessed and used for free. 

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