Just like how quality control ensures that every product that comes out in the factory has passed the standards, QA testers ensure that the software you are developing is working without problems. Hiring QA testers is crucial for software development. If you are to hire one, we suggest that you begin with a job description. To create a job description without spending effort, check out our QA Tester Job Description Templates. You can choose a sample among the collection of original, professionally created, ready-made templates. Take advantage of its customizable features and download it on your laptop. Save time and avoid starting from scratch, grab a template now.

What is a QA Tester Job Description?

As the world becomes even more reliant on computers and the internet, the software market is becoming an economic success story. In 2018, the software development sector reported revenue of 456.1 billion dollars, and it is projected to grow to 500 billion dollars by 2021, according to Statista. Your software might be the next big thing in the market. However, you will have to assemble a team of developers; for that, you will need a job description. A job description lets an employer describe the duties and responsibilities of a position being offered.

How to Make a QA Tester Job Description

Are you looking for job applicants to hire? Why not start with a simple job description. Learn how to write a job description with the tips below.

1. Understand the Role of a QA Tester

To ensure that the duties and responsibilities of a QA Tester are described correctly, learn the tasks of testers. Familiarize yourself with how testers fit within the development team. Read reference materials about quality assurance to get the gist of the general role QA testers play in the development.

2. Begin with the Job Title

Applicants looking for employment will most likely look for the job title first before applying for the job position. Thus you should begin with the job title. Make it clear and easy to understand. Be specific because some job titles can sound similar and might cause confusion.

3. List Down the Responsibilities of a QA Tester

For the job description's main feature, provide a brief checklist of the expected duties and responsibilities of a tester. Write the description in a concise manner and ensure that it is easy to understand.

4. Give the Applicants a Good Reason Why to Apply to Your Company

Applicants tend to apply to companies that can provide better working conditions. If you can provide a preferable working environment, make sure that you include it in the job description. Make a list of benefits and perks that you can afford and are favorable to employees.

5. Provide Your Company's Contact Details

Ensure that tester applicants can send you their resume. Always remember to include your company's contact details.

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