How to Write a QA Tester Job Description in Docs

According to Indeed (a career-focused online resource), a job description makes available positions much more appealing to job hunters. That’s why, when drawing in attention to your QA tester opening, it’s imperative that you incorporate a professionally written document containing all the details that potential candidates want to read8.

Even if it’s your first time writing a QA tester job description, there’s no need to worry. Simply have a read through our tips (below) and you’ll soon be adept at making your own job descriptions in Google Docs!

1. Mention the Exact Type of QA Tester Role

Like with any other career, there are variations to working as a QA tester. Do you need a software quality manager? What about a specifications analyst? Whatever it is that you specifically need, mention it clearly in your job description’s title.

With a fairly informative title, you’re more likely to grab the attention of truly qualified applicants.

2. Make Your Company Sound Interesting to the Reader

By providing some information about your company or organization, your job description is further encouraging to-be candidates into submitting their resumes.

What are your company’s aspirations? Who are your business’s brand partners? What’s the work environment like? By talking about these kinds of things in your document, you make applicants more comfortable about your available QA position.

3. Provide the QA Tester’s Rewards and Responsibilities

Your QA job’s duties and responsibilities are some of the most important bits in the job description. So, create a list that contains all the relevant information, giving each item a short explanation. Then, write down a small paragraph that summarizes how the tester position contributes to your company’s overall success.

Next, put together a second list for the position’s compensation. Write down the salary, healthcare benefits, freebies, and so on.

4. Your QA Tester’s Qualifications and Employment Procedure

Now your job description needs a list for all of the different QA tester job requirements. And besides that, give an explanation of how applicants can submit their resumes and what they need to do once they start the whole recruitment process. However, ensure that you don’t make the procedure sound too much of a hassle since that might discourage people from actually applying.

So, now that you’ve gone through all of our tips, you’re now ready to find those valuable software QA testers! Finally, if you need editable content for your writing, then look no further than our QA Tester Job Description Templates!

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