A mind map helps entrepreneurs, students, educators to represent ideas and concepts graphically. It supports a visual thinking tool that helps organize knowledge, enables you to interpret, understand, synthesize, remember, and generate new ideas. It gives you the flexibility you need when brainstorming, so you don't obstruct or hamper the flow of ideas as linear thinking does. Do you need this tool to help you out? Worry less with our easy to edit and print-ready Quality Mind Map Templates! It includes original headings and content. Available for download through Apple (MAC) Pages. Do your work conveniently faster and smarter. Get your subscription now. 

How to Create a Quality Mind Map in Apple Pages

A mind map is a diagram used by the working community to outline information visually. A quality mind map allows you to flesh out theories and links so that you can see how things relate to each other to obtain a deeper understanding of what you are trying to learn. Below are guidelines that will help you create a simple mind map.

1. Goal-setting

We start by gathering all of the goals first. Write down all the keywords or short sentences you want to accomplish. Selecting objectives is critical because every purpose takes time on the schedule. Structuring of goals makes the mind map and your thinking expandable.

2. Map Out

Brainstorm a plan and create sub-topics of your central concept and draw branches from the core to them. These sub-topics will serve as the ingredients of your core idea and remember to label each concisely.

3. Add Keywords

Be mindful to include keywords on your project. According to an article by Moz, keywords are vital since they are the cornerstone between what people are searching for and the service you have. Keywords are also ideas and concepts which define your content.

4. Be Creative

Add photos and colors to your mindmap to increase quality. It's essential to grab the attention of your audience to illustrate your idea smoothly. Words and images together multiply your intellectual power. It makes mind maps to be a rich visual medium for artistic expression.

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