How to Create Quotations in Google Docs?

A quotation or a business quote is a document sent by a seller to a potential customer offering to sell goods or services under specific conditions and a certain price. This document can be used as a legal position for the price and once your customer accepts it, your quote becomes a legally binding contract. A quote is often confused with an estimate or a proposal. Indeed, these three documents share the same purposes; however, they still have specific characteristics that differentiate them from one another, such as their forms and the way they are written.

The following are a few guidelines that you can utilize to make an effective business quotation:

1. Start with Putting the Business Details

As a seller, providing your business details such as your company name, business address, and contact information is a legal requirement to make a good quote. You also have to indicate the business details of the purchaser since you are making a formal document; it will look inappropriate to send a quotation without adequately addressing the addressee.

2. Indicate the Reference Number, Date, and Due Date

Just like an invoice, a quotation also has a reference number, quotation date, and due date. Treating these three details as an afterthought is probably a cardinal sin in making a quotation. Your quotation should have a date and a unique reference number, so you and your client can quickly determine which quote is under discussion, especially if you have revised your quote and issued a new one.

3. Detail the Specifics and Outline the Covered Costs

If you are making a vehicle purchase quotation, you have to be specific with the vehicle's details—model no., showroom price, on-road price, and its total price. Likewise, it is also vital to outline what the costs cover, as well as what is not.

You can also breakdown the costs by describing the job proposal, detailing the involved elements, and itemizing the costs for labor and materials. If you are quoting to provide service, you can keep accurate records, be realistic, compare the job, and identify your additional costs. However, if you are to supply products, you can check the quantities, consider logistics, check delivery requirements, and look for overhead costs.

4. Payment Terms and Conditions

At the bottom part of your quotation, you have to indicate when you require payments, as well as the payment method. For example, deposit, half up front and half on completion, lump-sum, and periodical payments.

5. Download and Use our Quotation Templates

Whether you are making a sales quotation, loan quotation, or a quotation for the services provided such as labor, wedding catering, photography, or maintenance; it is vital to make it the right way. If you are the type of person who doesn't want to start from scratch, we are highly privileged to offer you our ready-made quotation templates. These high-quality templates are written professionally by the professional writers of our team. You can download any template you want because everything is for free! You can customize it using Google Docs since this application is available for free. All you need to have to access this application is an Internet, a web browser, and a Google account.

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