Send out professionally-designed price estimates to your clients for your services with the use of our premium quotation templates. These quotation templates are ready-made and print-ready which can be downloaded instantly at the touch of a button. With our templates, editing is made fast and easy in all versions of Adobe InDesign. They are also 100% customizable and easily editable, expertly done from scratch so that you can personalize as you want or make changes as you see fit. Download one or all, and customize it multiple times if you have to. What are you waiting for? Download any of our quotation templates in Adobe InDesign and improve your business today!

How to Create Quotations in Adobe InDesign

In business, a quotation is a document or a sheet that lists items and delineates the products or services with corresponding prices. Unlike receipts and invoices, business quotes are only issued by the marketing agency or advertising company upon the request of the buyers, the clients, or the customers.

Get to prepare a business quote using our ready-made quotation templates in Adobe InDesign. To help you make your quotations right, we encourage you to follow the six (6) easy steps provided below:

1. Choose a Quotation Template

We have provided you a comprehensive list of editable quotations to make your job easier. A sample of quotation templates such as event planner quotation, massage quotation, advertising consultant quotation, and a lot more is made available and downloadable for free. From these templates, choose one to work on.

2. Learn the Basics of Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a typesetting as well as desktop publishing software application. It is a useful tool used to create promotional materials like flyers, posters, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and other types of printed materials. With the use of this software application, making quotations will be more accessible than ever.

3. Gather and Make a Checklist of All the Information

Since quotations are made to create a list of products and their corresponding prices, you have to gather the information needed to input in the template. You can initially make a checklist to have a clear grasp of the details available, especially when it’s a big purchase order.

4. Edit the Details Accurately and Precisely in a Quotation Template

After compiling all the details needed, you are now ready to input them to the quotation template. You may organize them according to the type of products, the prices, or the brands. The format is crucial in making quotations. It should follow the standard quotation format strictly. However, you can do whichever format is easy for you, for as long as it is well-layout and organized. Also, make sure that the information inputted are accurate and precise. Don't put unnecessary statements. An on-point quotation provides a direct and clear delineation of products and services to the buyers.

5. Incorporate a Company Logo

Another essential aspect is adding a company logo to the document. It is important that you incorporate it accordingly to quickly identify which business establishment or company a buyer has made his/her purchase orders. This is one way also to promote your brand, so spare yourself from forgetting this part.

6. Be Formal and Professional

Part of creating quotations is having them written formally and professionally. It requires a certain degree of formality as you accommodate the request of your buyers. Additionally, it should be drafted and written in a professional manner. There's no need for you to use or add flowery texts, idiomatic expressions, and the like. The goal is to be clear with the purchase order made; thus, it demands you to be objective with the simple list.

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