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How to Create a Quotation in Apple Numbers

Investing in an editable quotation template may be one of the best things that any entrepreneur can do to streamline business processes and increase a company’s profit margins. After all, when creating price and service lists that match a client’s needs is done quickly and correctly, employees are free to work on other income-generating aspects of the business.

To get you started on the process of creating your own quotation templates, we recommend the use of Apple Numbers. This is a spreadsheet software built into Apple computers and some IOS devices. Install the tool, learn the basics of using it, and then let’s get started on making effective printable quotation documents.

1.  Use Tables and Charts Liberally

As a formal business document, quotations are unique because they contain data visualization tools like charts and tables. These tools allow you to present price lists, service details, and other relevant information in an organized manner.

A good quotation document, therefore, should include a mix of text, tables, and numbers since they are easier to understand.

2. Add Your Business Logo

Since most quotation templates and documents are used as part of business transactions, the inclusion of your company or business logos is a must. This somewhat insignificant action can increase brand recall. In addition, adding your business’ unique branding elements also makes the document look more formal and credible. 

3. Add Short and Descriptive Label Headers

As we have mentioned earlier, tables and charts are an integral part of an easy to understand a simple quotation document. Take this attribute a little bit further and do not forget to add descriptive and accurate label headers.

For example, if you are adding a price list to a table in your quotation document, make sure that the column is accurately labeled as ‘Unit Price’ or just ‘Price’. Doing this avoids further confusion.

4. Create a Price Reference List

Another way to make a quotation document more useful is the inclusion of a price reference sheet. This is usually a table or chart written on an additional page and is attached to the main quotation document. 

This is useful in providing clients more information about other services and products that your company offers. Also, by providing a standard price and service reference list to your quotations, you are telling a customer that this is the lowest price point that you may allow. In effect, it can limit customers from bargaining down your price.

5. Provide Ample Space for Price Breakdowns

For some companies, creating a blank agency quotation template is preferable. If this applies to you, make sure that you provide ample space where end-users may write the actual quotations later on. 

6. Save a Digital Copy

As most businesses continue to go digital, you may use quotation and invoice software tools. They allow business owners to organize and track any quotations and estimates they send out. 

But if your company has not invested in these automated tools yet, do not fret. You may still create your own quotation and billing templates. However, you must not forget to create an electronic version of these documents. A simple DOC or PDF file will be fine.