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How to Create a Real Estate Ad?

A real estate ad is a promotional material aimed at property buyers and sellers. Found in traditional print mediums and digital platforms, each advertisement aims to convert viewers and spectators into sales.

In 2019, a Statista survey revealed that the real estate sector in the United States shelled out USD 1.2 million on advertising alone. The survey projects that the amount would rise to USD 1.22 million in 2020. Take a cue from our sample templates and create an innovative and creative ad that’ll leave present and future clients convinced.

1. Choose Your Audience

Who are your ads for? Zero in on your target market by scouring social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also start your search through zip codes. From there, discover their interests, so you’ll know what they want to see.

2. Set Your Sights on Objectives

How will you measure your ad’s success? Choose relevant KPIs that align with your goals to let you know where your ad is going. Place your chosen KPIs on a dashboard for easier monitoring.

3. Keep It Short and Simple

Effective ads don’t beat around the bush. When you’re marketing real estate, you don’t have to use fancy words to get clients’ attention. Your content should be brief, direct, and striking.

4. Observe Minimalism

You may want to avoid playing around with graphics for this part. Whether you’re posting your ad in a newspaper, a luxury magazine, or online, it’s best to go for a minimalistic approach. According to an EyeQuant study, a clean and straightforward layout results in more conversions.

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