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How to Create a Real Estate Broker Brochure

A real estate broker brochure is a tool where you can advertise your brokers who have the talent and skills in dealing and selling real estate. The brochure will contain the list of the names of the best realtors, property sellers, listing agents, and brokers. This is a way of promoting and advertising your agents to the commercial property management world. It is assumed that the names that are in the brochure are all good in making deals. In this way, big corporations might hire your brokers to do the deals for their company.

Making a real estate brochure is just like making a normal brochure but it doesn't have the same content. Your brochure will highlight the name and the skills of your best brokers. You need to impress your possible clients by making a brochure with a modern layout so that they will hire your brokers. Making the brochure may be tricky but do not worry because we got you, just follow the steps that we have prepared below.

1. Write a Headline

As busy as the world today, people will not spend a lot of time reading a brochure most especially if they do not intend to do so. To make people interested and be enticed on what you are advertising, make a strong headline that will catch their attention in just one glance. The headline should be striking and informative so that they will have an idea of what is the brochure all about.

2. List all Descriptions

Since you will be advertising and promoting your best brokers, you need to chronologically list all their names along with their skills and what they can offer that will be best for the clients. Also, do not forget their personal contact information. Aside from that, you also need to write your company name, address, and contact information in case the client has additional questions about your brokers. If you are an independent realtor, don't place any company information. Instead, place your personal details for personal branding.

3. Choose Images

Include images that are aligned with your brochure's purpose. This is an important component for a brochure since plain text documents can be boring and not interesting for the clients. Choose images that are related to real estate. For example, you may add images of a community, subdivision, condominium, or a house.

4. Layout the Brochure

Since your details and images are ready, it is now time for you to layout the look of your creative promotion brochure. The design should be elegant and professional for your client's taste. The font styles that you need to use should be formal. You should also consider the type of brochure fold you will be making. Will it be a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure?

5. Proofread and Print

Do not immediately print your brochure without doing a proper review of its content and design. Make sure to proofread thoroughly the contents and the design of the luxury brochure to save you from reprinting due to errors. It is advisable to let professional printing businesses to do it since they are knowledgeable in the bulk printing.

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