People have invented different modes and tools for advertising and promoting their products and services. Also, different industries, like real estate, use them. But, if you're looking for low-cost but effective advertising tools, then perhaps you'd like to take a look at door hangers. Just hang these on a doorknob of an establishment where there is high foot traffic to attract attention. If you don't want to create one from scratch so you can save you time, download from our multitude of ready-made Real Estate Door Hanger Templates. Our experts ensure high quality for all our templates that are 100% editable and printable.  Subscribe and download a template now!

How to Create a Real Estate Door Hanger?

A real estate door hanger is a tool that real estates use to advertise properties, publicize open houses, or declare a property as sold. You may hang these outside the homes of people, or on doors of public establishments like churches, public bathrooms, and convenience stores.

According to Statista, the revenue of the real estate industry accumulated to around US$493.3 billion in 2019. Until present, the real estate market is continuously making more and revenue. On the other hand, the competition between real estate agencies and agents are also rising, and that's why you need to try different marketing strategies. Despite this, you don't need to pay a large amount of promotion. One of the low-cost and most effective advertising tools out there are door hangers. So, if you're ready to make this real estate ad, try the tips below.

1. Get Creative

Every marketing tool like a real estate rack card, promotion flyer, or brochure has to be appealing to your target market. If you create a generic and white plain door hanger, expect that people might not read it. Oppositely, if your door hanger is physically captivating, then it will make people curious about it. To start, you need to decide which colors you like. We suggest sticking to your brand colors if you've already decided on it. Also, make sure that your colors are complementing each other that it creates harmony. Next, pick your typography and don't use more than three fonts to keep the design neat.

2. Paste Pictures

Like any other advertising materials like a real estate brochure or flyer, you may add pictures to it. You can paste an image of the listing, the open house, or the property. By doing this, you don't leave the property's look to the reader's imagination, but you give them the real image of it.

3. Present a Captivating Headline

Headlines aren't only on real estate flyers or posters, but you can also see them on door hangers. An interesting headline appeals to the readers. If your headline is not captivating nor interesting, then people might not want to check out the content of your unique door hanger. Likewise, you have to create an engaging headline. To do this, you can put a question, a benefit, or a problem and a solution to appeal to people.

4. Provide Contact Details

Lastly, never forget to provide your contact details. Leave a space for your contact number, address, email, or social media links so that people can reach you. Just like any of your real estate newsletters, where you need to include all the necessary details for your clients.

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