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What Is a Real Estate Investment Brochure?

When you say a real estate investment, it means business. And with real estate investment, it must be paired up with a real estate investment brochure. A real estate investment brochure is a piece of paper or document that would be classified as a type of commercial advertisement and spreads factual information about real estate investing. It is often compared with real estate flyer, but a real estate investment brochure differs as it is not freely distributed anywhere.

How to Create a Real Estate Investment Brochure

Brochures are an effective advertising tool that lets you flaunt your company and showcase the best investment services your company can offer. But a good real estate investment brochure does not come up in just a snap! It would require a lot of effort in planning and designing. For you to help in making one, here are some tips that you need to remember when you want to create an effective and eye-catching real estate investment brochure.

1. Set Your Goals First

In order for you to start, you must first determine your brochure's vector which would be attracting investors for real estates. Focus as to what is the central message you wanted to convey and how it be would distributed—online, direct marketing, mailbox drop, or handing it out personally. After knowing these basics, you can immediately start the following steps.

2. Understand What You Offer

As stated in real estate investing books, first things first—understand your company's assets. Highlight the key strengths and selling points of your real estate investment company and what makes you stand out from other companies. Giving a deep thought about this step would be a sturdy foundation for the content of your real estate investment brochure.

3. Know Your Clienteles

To really reach out and communicate with your potential customers, you need to understand them. Your brochure must be according to their point of view. Know the REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) of your target market and what would their REIT need. This would allow you as to what strengths that you would highlight if they would need your service.

4. Simplicity Is the Best Option

After applying the basic steps on how to formulate your own real estate investment brochure, you can now proceed with the introduction of the content writing. A sample brochure bombarded with photos can be ambiguous and confusing. According to research, a reader would likely skip massive blocks of text on a small sheet of paper because people have a short attention span and would be quickly bored. Make it easier for them by providing headlines and bullets. Get rid of flowery words and make each word count.

5. Design Your Brochure

Make your design unique by adding a touch that relates to investing. Make your brochure stand out with its design, photos, and heading. Ensure that the images that you will indicate will be relatable. Make the heading of your brochure interesting to read. Your only limit is your imagination. Also, you can make various shapes (bifold or trifold) and sizes.

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