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What is a Real Estate Investor Brochure?

A real estate investor brochure is a commercial marketing tool used by real estate businesses to advertise a property that they're seeking investors for. These can either be a one-page brochure, a bi-fold brochure, or a tri-fold brochure. They also function similarly with an investor postcard. The properties they advertise could either be a residential house with a modern design, an apartment, a condominium unit, or a piece of land.

How to Create a Real Estate Investor Brochure

The ultimate purpose of a real estate investor brochure is to encourage a potential client to invest in a real estate property. Hence, there we are adding these guidelines on how to create one and we've gathered some for you.

1. Use Flexible Editing Software

Choose editing software that is flexible and user-friendly like Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word, Pages, Photoshop, Publisher, etc. This software allows you to personalize your brochure in the easiest way possible. Plus most of them have features that help you to create an elegant design layout for your brochure design.

2. Attach Picture Perfect Images

A real estate investor brochure is a marketing tool. With that fact, it's expected that it must have quality images. And that rule is crucial to follow in the real estate investing business. The best step that you must take for this is to use a DSLR camera and take picture-perfect images of the properties. However, you should consider hiring a professional photographer to do it for you. Make sure that the images that you will attach to the brochure are images of the properties' best attributes.

3. Write an Introduction

The picture-perfect images alone are not enough to encourage a potential client to invest their money on your properties. What really grabs their attention is when they read the introduction you've written for each property. What you must talk about in the introduction are the amenities of each property, its prices, its best attributes, its sustainability, and other factors that make it worthwhile on the investor's behalf.

4. Make Some Enhancements

Before you print out your sample brochure, make some enhancements on it first to make it look more presentable. What you can do in this process is browsing through various color schemes until you find one that's good enough. You can also opt to use artistic fonts for the names of each property so that it'll stand out and be remembered. If you're using high-quality templates, then it's likely that you'll only have to apply minor enhancements.

5. Print and Distribute It

After applying the final touches and realizing that your professional real estate brochure is perfect, you are ready to print it. There are other real estate investing businesses out there sharing the same market with you. To be a step ahead of them, distribute your brochures without wasting a moment.

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