As an employer, it is your duty to brand every document that your real estate company or agency releases. With that, your real estate business documents must have a letterhead. This would not just an indication that you certify a document, but also serve as your company’s professional portfolio. So, if you wanted to design a company letterhead and do not want to start from scratch, then you need to get our premium, high-quality, and beautifully designed Real Estate Letterhead template. This file has original artworks that you can edit and customize. Moreover, you can download this in Google Docs format. Get one now!

How to Make a Real Estate Letterhead in Google Docs

Every letter issued by a real estate business has corresponding serious weight. Whether it is a formal notice letter or a general real estate employment reference letter, it would speak volume as to how an HR officer respects the recipient. With that, every letter must have an attractive and compelling letterhead. Want to design your own real estate letterhead yet do not know where to begin? Do not fret as it can be an easy journey with these simple tips.

1. Incorporate your Branding

As mentioned, a letterhead is a portfolio of your company, so you need to incorporate your brand. Include your company information, such as company name, location, contact number, and email address. Also, you can insert the company logo and use it as the main icon of your real estate letterhead. In that way, your brand is emphasized.

2. Keep it Simple

Remember that you do not want to shift your reader’s attention to your letterhead, so make it as simple as possible. Make it clean and complementary. For example, if your company’s color scheme is blue, you can use multiple shades of blue for your letterhead. Aside from it complements your company, it also abides the hierarchy of design, making it more creative yet strategic.

3. Include Images

If you want to enhance the appearance of your letterhead, you can include images that would say something about the brand. Also, it must let your audience understand the message that you opt to convey.

4. Focus on Typography

You can experiment with various typefaces. This tip is a good way to emphasize information into your document without compromising its design. For instance, if you want a classic look for your letterhead, utilize fonts like Sans Serif or Vintage Style Script and tweak its features by bolding or shadowing.

5. Utilize Space Well

In designing, space has the capability of making your design more promising. With that, utilize every possible space of your letter for your letterhead. You can use all the four sides of your letter to fit in other real estate information, like contact details, location, or business tagline. This is a simple way in reinforcing your brand in the entire document.

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