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How to Create a Real Estate Marketing Brochure?

A real estate marketing brochure is a type of advertisement used by a real estate agent or real estate broker that aims to inform, market, and create a relationship with the consumers. Whether you want to market a commercial real estate, residential real estate, industrial real estate, or promote campaigns for your real estate business, brochures can be the perfect instrument to use.

With the rise of the digital age, advertising has progressed. However, printed media still lives and functions efficiently amidst the changes and development. Brochures are as useful as other printed mediums like flyers, postcards, and posters and digital tools like email newsletters, social media, etc. when it comes to marketing; because it is cost-efficient, visually pleasing, etc. Hence, we present you with some guidelines in crafting your real estate marketing brochure.

1. Specify

Professional real estate brochures have different kinds, such as trifold, bifold, leaflet, etc. Also, there are a lot of things to narrow down to produce a spot-on craft. In sorting out and specifying, planning could be the best option to take because nothing can go wrong with a well-thought plan. Start with your subject; is it a commercial, residential, or industrial real estate? If it is commercial, what kind of establishment is it? If it is residential, what type of house is it? If it is industrial, is it a factory or a mine? Things like that should be considered and need thorough thinking. You have to be particular because putting broad information in such a small space can be messy and confusing.

2. Do the Layout

Select a template that best suits your purpose, as well as the size—choose between A4 and US sizes. You can be creative in doing your luxury real estate brochure but bear in mind that although brochures have to be captivating, the content should be formal and reliable while the layout should be professional with a touch of playfulness. The colors should be pleasing and complementary; the fonts should be eye-catching and bold; the images should be striking and exciting, etc. Moreover, always maintain balance and harmony in doing your craft.

3. Enter the Content

After the layout, immediately input the important details such as your establishment's name, logo, and slogan; the vision and mission; rates and discount coupons, if there is any; estate agents or the company's contact information; call to actions; etc. Ensure that the details that you are inputting are appealing but informative and not appealing to the point that it sounds demanding. Furthermore, be smart in playing with your words. Know how to mix professionalism and persuasion, also know how to outsmart your competitors and captivate customers.

4. Proofread

No matter what type of marketing tool you produce and hand out, its content and appearance always reflect on you. That is why proofreading is important. Make time to review the details in your real estate promotional brochure and edit it if there are any errors present.

5. Print

Carefully print your house real estate brochure in a high-quality printing material for best results. Ensure that the results are neat and organized and not folded or crumpled. After producing the desired amount and assuring that everything is organized, your craft is now ready to use—whether you give them away, put it on waiting areas or lobbies, etc., as long as all of it can be seen and accessed easily.

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