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How to Make a Real Estate Newsletter?

When it comes to the business of property and real estate, there’s always a high demand for the best deals and offers out there. So, if you’d like to keep people up-to-date on that and other real estate ads and news, then why not do so with a spiffy newsletter!

As describes, a newsletter can be used to keep subscribers routinely updated about a particular topic. Therefore, to ensure, you can maintain a proper release schedule, check out our tips (below) on creating a real estate newsletter.

1. Gather Your Resources and Material

To make a presentable newsletter, you need all the right material for it. First, write down your article’s contents in a simple text document and then set it aside for now. You’ll also need images that match the subject that your newsletter will be discussing like any other real estate advertising; prepare some photos of houses, skylines, buildings, etc. If there’s a particular brand or company that the newsletter is gonna cover, then relevant images of that will help too!

2. Your Newsletter’s Layout

After preparing your resources, open a new document in your chosen software. Next, make sure that the orientation layout is set to Portrait (or an equivalent that’s available in your application). For the size, either A4 or US will do fine, depending on what you need. You can choose to also adjust the margins for the amount of space that you need.

3. Add Your Written Content

Make the title of your creative newsletter stand out by using large font size and bold coloring; align it to the center of the document. Underneath that, include the publication date, volume number, and issue number; these can be aligned either on the left or right side.

Next, copy-paste your prewritten content onto the newsletter. Use a column format to set the layout of your content--go with 3 columns per page. Also, don’t forget to set a separate size for article/paragraph headers. Refer to some relatable real estate blog posts for reference.

4. Insert the Pictures

Now it’s time to play around with your newsletter’s looks. For the background, use either a high-quality photo or a simple neat graphic design. If you’re going for a photo, then make sure your text is still readable by filling your columns with matching colors. You can also add images of your home real-estate in-between paragraphs or set your text to wrap around them.

With your newsletter complete, you can choose to either print them out or publicize them through email. Need some sharp-looking examples for a commercial real estate newsletter? Then feel free to have a look at our Real Estate Newsletter Templates!

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