Do you run a real estate agency? If so, promoting your company as effectively as possible is imperative to success. Fortunately, there are a plethora of tools at your disposal to attract prospects to your property-focused business—such as printed marketing materials. There are all kinds of affordable physical media you can incorporate for your advertising, one of which is the humble rack card.

Rack cards are some of the most versatile and convenient promotional materials you can utilize for your real estate company. Along with that, they’re relatively quick to put together and can be printed in high quantities without breaking the bank. Rack cards are typically printed out in 4 x 9 inches, making them very suitable to set up in places that see a good bit of foot traffic (i.e., waiting areas, store entrances, reception desks). They’re even suitable for showing some professional flair through their colors and graphic designs. And so, if you’re looking to create eye-catching rack cards, go ahead and download our Real Estate Rack Card Templates.

Our array of rack card samples come 100% customizable in Adobe Illustrator (along with other Adobe applications) to give you an in-depth option for your editing needs. We give each template a unique design, which is easily editable to ensure your rack cards are ready for distribution ASAP. All of our materials are available in a wide variety of themes and color schemes, so you’ll have no trouble finding a rack card template that works well with your real estate agency’s signature aesthetic. Download today—set up the ideal leaflets to flaunt your properties and other offers.

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