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How to Create a Cash Receipt in Adobe Illustrator?

A cash receipt is defined as a written document that acknowledges financial transactions between the buyer and the seller. This bookkeeping document often helps people to cut their expenses. Also, a cash receipt helps in resolving any dispute and address inquiries.

Here are a few basic steps that you can utilize in creating a personalized cash receipt.

1. Add Your Branding Details

Similar to an invoice, a quote form, a voucher, and other payment documents, a cash receipt presents a comprehensive detail on transactions. It isn't just a mere acknowledgment document because you can also use it to promote your business. Since cash receipts record the purchase of goods and services, it also sells your brand. Thus, it's best to provide your company details: company name, business address, and contact details. Aside from the marketing purposes, a cash receipt also serves as a reference point.

2. List All the Purchased Items or Rendered Services

Since a receipt also acts as a bookkeeping document that records financial transactions, make sure to provide the list of the purchased items. The purchased items you provide should be specific and should include the quantity. If the customer paid for services, give the length of time they enjoyed such services. Don't forget to include the price of such commodities. You may use lines, dots, or any symbols you can use to separate the two main details. If you wish to use further references, feel free to check our receipt templates in other file formats.

3. Provide the Subtotal

The total cost of your purchased commodities are subject to sales tax or in some cases, shipping fee. That total amount is called the subtotal. The sales taxes and shipping fees may cost a little, but you need to inform your customers about it. Doing so creates an agreement that the buyer understands that a part of the amount paid is subject to taxes and shipping fees.

4. Get the Grand Total

The grand total is the sum of the total amount of purchased commodities plus the taxes such commodities are subjected to. Make sure to specify other fees. Ensure that you provide the exact amount to be paid to avoid potential disputes. Always remember to double-check the purchase order on the POS or the cash register before printing the receipt.

5. Determining The Payment Methods

Payments can be in cash, credit, or check. Whichever the method is, make sure to specify the payment method. On the last line of the receipt, make sure to indicate the payment method along with the customer's complete name and address. If the customer wishes to pay via credit card, have the customer sign two copies. The signature proves proof that a sales transaction has been made. Give the original copy of the receipt to the customer and keep the other copy as your transaction reference.

6. Opt for a Better Application Software in Making a Cash Receipt.

After you decided on which cash receipt template to download from our website, open Adobe Illustrator and start personalizing the contents of the template. Remember to review and revise the receipt as often as possible to make it more competitive and up-to-date.

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