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What Is a Cash Receipt?

A cash receipt is a printed document given to customers if he paid in cash. A cash receipt is proof of purchase and contains the purchased items with the corresponding price. Moreover, a receipt will include pieces of information such as business details, date, itemized goods or services, terms, and due amount.

How to Make a Cash Receipt in Apple Numbers

If you are looking for unlimited rows to store your data, Apple Numbers is the spreadsheet for you. In Apple Numbers' latest version, you can store data in unlimited cells. That's a lot of data. With Numbers, you can make several types of documents such as accounting sheets, diagrams, graphs, even sales receipts is agreeable. Working with Numbers is very convenient because it offers a toolbar that's easy to familiarize and it has a cleaner interface. When you make your cash receipt in Numbers, you don't have to be a spreadsheet master. Here's a quick guide that will help you with your cash receipt making. We enlisted easy to follow steps, and it will help you and your cash receipt. Make sure to stick with the list to come up with a useful cash receipt for your business.

1. Begin with a Checklist

You can begin the task with a checklist. Your checklist will contain all of the things you need to complete your cash receipt. It will also provide to-do things. And it's essential to make a list in chronological order so that you won't overdo your tasks. Write the list on a secure paper to avoid losing it. Your checklist is very important so you can monitor your progress and where you are heading. Make sure your checklist is easily accessible because you will gradually be checking on it.

2. Make a Draft; Outline Your Cash Receipt

Set the checklist making aside, and we'll proceed to make the draft. Make the draft as to how you want your cash receipt to look like. By this time, start making the entire cash receipt in a temporary sheet of paper. Create its format, content, layout, and design. Once done, set the draft aside to use later. This outline will be the reference for your actual cash receipt.

3. Launch Apple Numbers on Your Desktop

Open Apple Numbers by clicking its icon on your desktop. Wait for the application to load entirely. Typically, you will see a blank white sheet when the software fully load. What you are seeing is normal. Then, make sure to start with a new document. If it's your first time making a document in Apple Numbers, you can look for tutorials on the internet.

4. Download Cash Receipt Template; Fill In the Template

Look for a template that suits your sample receipt. There are a lot of sources in the online market where you can get the template from. Make sure that your source is a trusted template supplier. Then, when you've settled with a template, start filling it in. A template comes with a suggestive content that you can edit however you want. Go back to your draft as you continue filling the template with cash receipt information. The draft will be your reference. However, you can still make changes if needed.

5. Make a Run Through; Proofread the Cash Receipt

When the simple receipt template is complete, make a run through. Read back the receipt not only once, but twice. Proofreading will make sure that there are no typos or incorrect information in your cash receipt.

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