When talking about financial resources especially if transactions are involved, it is a must that the whereabouts of these resources are monitored. To help you have something simple to use for monitoring, we have a collection of ready-made templates in PSD for making high-quality cash receipts. These ready-made templates are easily editable, fully printable, and can be downloaded anytime and anywhere. Don't hesitate to download any of our ready-made cash receipt templates in PSD; they're guaranteed to help you save time and effort.

What Is a Cash Receipt?

A cash receipt is defined as an acknowledgment when an entity receives cash from an external source. This can either be in the form of payment from clients, income from interest, proceeds from sales, and donations from other sources. By using cash receipts, a business can track all financial resources that are received as well as those that are paid out.

How to Make Cash Receipts in Adobe Photoshop

Know how much money you have, how much of it was received from various sources, and how much was used for expenses. Here is a step-by-step process to teach you how to make cash receipts in PSD, use this to help you keep track of the previously mentioned information.

1. Decide on a Type of Cash Receipt Transaction

To get you started in making cash receipts, the first thing that you will need to do is to decide on a type of transaction that requires you to issue a cash receipt. There are so many types to choose from which include cash sale, cash payment to a payable, receipt of a loan from a bank, sales receipt from receivables, and capital contribution from shareholders. Deciding on a type can help you determine what details to include and how to format your cash receipt.

2. Always Take Note of Each Transaction

During every transaction, always have a pen and paper ready to write down notes and reminders that are necessary for building the content of your professional receipts. Since this involves money, you'd want to keep your content as accurate as possible, which is why the details in the transaction must be documented. When creating the actual cash receipt, you can use these details as your reference.

3. Consider Using a Journal or Ledger

To further help yourself in creating a trustworthy reference for the data that you'll be writing in your cash receipt, it would be best to utilize either a journal or a ledger for recording every transaction. However, there are differences between the two that you need to be mindful of, one of which is that journals record as per the transaction date while ledgers record according to account.

4. Compare the Written Data with the Actual Cash

It already makes perfect sense that your cash on hand should coincide with the data written either in your notes, journal, or ledger. Also, you can be more detailed in computing the actual cash by making a section that separates the cash received from the overall total. Doing this greatly helps in monitoring how much money you have and in determining if your written data is indeed correct.

5. Use Adobe Photoshop to Finalize your Cash Receipt

After gathering all the details need for your cash receipt and confirming its accuracy, you can start creating your actual cash receipts by using Adobe Photoshop. Even though Photoshop is a graphics editing application, it also has text-rendering tools making it capable of typesetting and word processing as well. By creating a blank Photoshop project, you can create and finalize your actual cash receipts.

6. Produce Multiple Copies of Your Cash Receipt

When making business receipts, chances are you'll need to produce a lot of copies of it and provide one for the paying entity, another for the bank (if needed), and another to keep to yourself. Since you're using Photoshop and you're planning to keep your files in PSD, you no longer need to convert the file format and just proceed to print or share your cash receipts as desired.

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