Having a competent employee who can handle the job even in tough situations is a big asset to your business. It's no wonder why many business facilities would opt to hire a receptionist, they can contribute a lot to the company. If you're looking for someone to fill the receptionist position, your goal is to attract applicants and entice them to submit their application documents. With that, we can guarantee you that our ready-made Receptionist Job Description Templates will do the trick. It can greatly benefit you in your job advertisement since they're easily customizable and fully printable. Start attracting candidates now by subscribing to our amazing templates!

How to Create a Receptionist Job Description

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the employment growth of receptionists would escalate by 5% from 2018 to 2028. If you're hiring one for your company, make sure to go with someone who's courteous and attentive considering that receptionists serve as the first point of contact for guests. Of course, job descriptions are the way to go since they help elaborate on the duties as well as the qualifications. Refer to our list of tips below to ensure that your job description is indeed tailored for receptionists.

1. Start by Identifying the Vacant Position

When we say receptionist, it can refer to anyone who entertains guests and answers inquiries. This is a broad position if you simply state it that way in your job description. Instead, make sure to clearly indicate what type of receptionist you need for your company. Specify it so that readers will be able to distinguish your job description from others.

2. Summarize the Entire Job in One Paragraph

The early sections of your job description should introduce prospective employees to the vacant position. In this section, briefly explain what they'll be doing and what skills they should possess. Since this is only a summary of the job, make it as concise as possible without going over the single paragraph limit.

3. Enumerate the Duties and Responsibilities

As mentioned earlier, the job summary has to be concise because the specifics are going to be discussed along these sections. In the same order as the job summary, you should start by providing readers with a list of the duties and responsibilities of a receptionist. Let aspirants know what they'll be doing once they get hired.

4. Make a List of the Requirements

Last but not least, a list containing the required skills and qualifications. From here, aspirants can assess themselves right away if they possess the traits needed to become an effective receptionist. Here, you can mention the minimum educational attainment, certifications, and training, as well as other qualities that will make the candidate stand out.

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