Shy type people don't do things confidently and seem to hide their faces all the time. But that does not apply to our receptionists. They are the frontline representatives of companies and organizations. Looking forward to becoming a receptionist? Make use and get help now with our Receptionist Resume templates. Download and edit these resume templates in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. Print them in A4 and US letter sizes and portrait orientation styles. Conquer your job interview, and the next thing you'll know is that you are now greeting and entertaining clients in the reception area! One, two, three. Give us your best smile!

How to Write a Receptionist Resume in Pages

Receptionists are front desk officers who act as the first point of contact in any organization. These people are assigned and entrusted to be the frontline faces of associations. They are seezn serving in hotels, hospitals, and some as secretaries in offices. Included in the duties and responsibilities of receptionists are performing administrative support jobs and mainly on customer service, entertaining clients at reception halls.

Below are some guide steps to create your resume in Apple Pages.

1. Choose a Resume Format

Some of us are more comfortable working when every material that is needed to complete the task is ready. Commencing from Apple Pages’ blank document in your Mac device, make your layout for the resume’s format. Set up text boxes where you want your descriptions to be situated on the resume. Settle a picture frame or box where you will be placing your headshot photo. If you are a beginner in resume writing, you don’t need to worry because we prepared receptionist resume templates above. They all come with content formats so you can readily modify them with your information.

2. Enter your Details

Resume making is not that hard as it seems because the details that you put on it are just information about yourself. It’s just an organized presentation of facts about yourself. Add them in the text boxes you’ve prepared or of the template you downloaded from us. Enter your name, contact information, educational background, work experiences, and references. You can have these details in bullet form or simply follow the format of the contents on the template. Making your contents brief make them more readable in a one-page resume. Keep them short but with a complete thought.

3. Organize the Resume Content

Some employers include resumes in grading applicants. They make an impression on it, and it all goes down to preparation. How prepared you are for a job application is determined by how your resume is well written. Resumes are considered as a personal marketing tool for yourself, and what you present in it reflects how you wanted to market yourself to them. It has a part in the success of getting the job you want. To make this happen, customize the contents of your resume. Maybe you should change the size of the texts and its font style to make it look more formal and to make it legible. And perhaps you should also give your resume a touch of color. It is fine to use one color just to add volume to your resume. This way, it will not look pale and plain.

4. List Relevant Skills

As an employment seeker, you want to impress so much, or you want to give it all you’ve got in your elegant resume. But that’s not actually going to help. If the key skills to be an acceptable and good receptionist are not fully highlighted, your resume loses its purpose. You want to get hired, but you are not giving them the reasons why they should hire you or why your application must proceed to the interview stage. So make sure to include only relevant skills for the receptionist position as much as possible.

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