What is a Reference Letter?

A reference letter is a kind of letter used when a person wants to refer someone to a company, organization, or establishment. It is typical to use reference letters if the person that you are referring to is a close friend or companion. You can only recommend a person if you already know the character, qualities, and capabilities of that person towards working a particular task or job.

How to Make a Reference Letter

Companies and graduate schools also give recommendations to former employees and students who they think deserve an acknowledgment for their excellent performance concerning particular tasks. To help you out in outlining the necessary information that a reference letter must contain, we listed a few tips below that will guide you in making a good letter for your former employee, colleague, student, or friend.

1. Gather Information

In gathering information, you have to create a sample list of all the essential qualities and characteristics of the person that you want to recommend. Make sure that you ask the person personally about their work experience and how are they towards their work. Everything written in the letter must be factual to avoid discrepancies down the road. Be sure that the person that you want to refer to has good moral character and is trustworthy.

2. Take a Template

In choosing a template, make sure that you have already made up your mind on the things that you want to achieve. We have a lot of variety of templates that you can choose from. So choose your template wisely, especially if you are making an employee letter. Make sure that the template you pick matches your objective appropriately.

3. Outline Your Template

Outlining your template is easy. Just make sure that details like the sender's information, the date when the sender created the letter, the information of the receiver, the salutation, the content of your letter, and closing and signature are attached to your reference letter.

4. Write a Content

In writing the content for your recommendation letter, you have to make every detail as specific and factual as possible. In this part of your letter, you can acknowledge the character, qualities, and personality of the person that you are recommending. Be sure to describe the relationship that you have with that person and how well you know him or her. Also, state some comparisons on how that person is toward his or her work to prove that he or she is worthy of your recommendation.

5. Send Your Letter

After writing the content and stating the necessary information for your request letter. You can start examining the contents that you have placed into the letter, and if there is a need to edit something in your content, then do so. Make sure that you have reviewed your work thoroughly. Check your spellings and formats as much as possible. After checking everything, you can send your letter via email or send it to the company personally.

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