Socialize with your family and your partner's before your wedding in a rehearsal dinner. And to help you invite them, grab one of our ready-made Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Templates. These templates are beautifully designed by our experts to make your invitation more intimate and lovely. These templates are 100% customizable and printable, too. So, don't wait for tomorrow! Download a template today!

How to Make a Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Did you know that 81% of people marry for companionship? And this is according to Pew Research Center's 2013 survey. Are you also marrying for companionship? But before that happens, you still have to prepare for your wedding. And one of the preparations you probably are doing now is for your rehearsal dinner.

And to make the night before the wedding (your rehearsal dinner) more intimate and fun, you can invite the people you love. For that, we'll help you invite them through invitation cards using the tips below.

1. Decide on Your Wording

Make sure that you use the right tone and words for your wording in making your invitation card. For a more formal event, you should use a formal tone to invite your recipients. On the other hand, if your event is lighthearted or casual, you can use an informal tone for your wording.

2. Incorporate Your Theme

If you have any theme for your dinner, then the best choice is to incorporate it into your event invitation. This way, you can give your invitees an idea of the dinner they're going to attend. Themes can be rustic, winter, sunflower, Mexican, casual, elegant, and many more.

Additionally, don't forget to make the design of your modern invitation beautiful. The look of your invitation will create the mood for the upcoming dinner, so give it your best.

3. Make It Neat

An additional tip to make your modern invitation more lovely is to make sure that it's neat. People can easily understand your message when your invitation doesn't look cluttered. To make your card neat, organize its content. Put the text at the middle of the invitation and place your designs at the side.

4. Choose the Right Typography

Another important tip for your simple invitation is picking the right typography. Typography is essential because it can affect the readability of the text and the mood of your invitation. Some typography is perfect for formal events, and some aren't, so it's essential to pick the best one.

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