How to Write a Rent Notice

A rent notice is usually given past due rent; it serves as a reminder that the tenant has yet to pay the required amount or remaining balance within the agreed payment schedule. The landlord gives this document to the defaulting tenant. With that said, we have some easy tips you can follow when writing a rent notice.

1. Note of the Essential Rent Details

The most important details to include in the rent notice are the rent information, including the lease agreement date, rent due date, number of default days, and the total amount due, including any interest or penalties. Including these details are crucial to get the point across.

2. Follow a Formal Format

A rent notice is an important document about lease-related issues; it can also be used as proof for any legal procedures. Therefore, it should follow a formal notice format. You can follow some parts in an agreement or memorandum format for a polished look; however, use easily understandable language.

3. Include Payment Information

Another essential information to include in the rent notice is the payment information; this is where your tenant will send the amount due. Bank details, such as account number and name, are essential to include.

4. Opt for Professional Templates

If you have no idea how and where to start writing a rent notice or any lease-related documents, you can use ready-made templates available online, like in These templates are easily editable and printable for added convenience.

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