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What is a Report Brochure?

A report brochure is a brochure companies use to showcase their working progress and great achievements. When done right, it gives a lot of wonderful publicity due to the fact that it delivers an impression of openness and success to a company. However, for it to actually be effective, it has to be done right so here are a few tips you can use to make an amazing report brochure.

How to Create a Report Brochure?

1. Decide Your Design Layout

There are many ways to publicize your report brochure, and there are also many layouts you can choose from. A few examples of the common layouts are the trifold brochure, the z-fold, the half fold, and the single open gate fold — don't think any less of this as how you decide to fold your brochure can give you ideas on how to further design it, where to put all pictures and information, where to put contact details, and how the creative brochure will feel like as a whole. Do remember to choose a color scheme that is relevant to your purpose, doesn't hurt the eyes, and doesn't overshadow your pictures.

2. Use Captivating Pictures

Don't just settle for great, go for amazing, awe-inspiring photos for your report brochure. What you want to look for are pictures that give a vibe of hard work, progress, success, and camaraderie. Before people even begin to read your text, let your pictures start telling the story of your struggles, your hard work, and your overall success.

3. Know What to Talk About and What It's Worth

Alright, you've got your pics? Good. Got an amazing idea for your brochure design? Excellent. You want to write about your pet puppy because you forgot to do your research? Please don't. Knowledge of not just what happened, but knowledge of how to deliver it in the most appealing manner possible will be of great help for you in this instance. Here are a few things you can try presented to you in bullet for style:

  • Focus on the achievements – as much as the story of a journey can be amazing, however, let your pictures do that. While it is a great idea to provide a description to your clients, you can draw them in even more if you describe to them the success of your project, while your labor (shown in your pictures hopefully) is still fresh in their minds.
  • Avoid "too internal" stuff – i.e. don't include stuff like "A few days ago, we were able to repair our front door to the office" please. The achievements you want to include would either be ground-breaking for the company or awe-inspiring to your readers.
  • Don't come off as arrogant – you're reporting your achievements true, but coming out as abrasive is never the way to go. There is a thin line between being proud of your achievements and being arrogant with how you present yourself. As a company, you want to be enticing to your customers service and intimidating to your competitors at the same time.

4. Try to Make it Personal

Include success stories from the people involved as well if you can. Get the readers to feel like the project, business proposal, or product didn't just benefit the company, but the hardworking employees as well. Appealing to the sentimental side of your readers will garner you a lot of support from them in future endeavors.

5. Finalize and Print

When you're done, take time to look it over. You'll be surprised at what you can improve from the first draft and what you can work from there.

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