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How To Create A Construction Report In Google Docs?

In the Construction Industry, there are a lot of sectors that a project manager needs to oversee. From the legal aspects, the design-build process, Budget, management procurement systems, Safety, and security; one must direct these sectors to drive the Construction process in a period. Although setting a construction protocol could be shared by word of mouth, it is still critical, and standard for you to set a procedure with the use of a thorough report.

Making use of a construction report would be your great advantage, primarily if you are tasked to administer a Construction Project. That is why we rendered below a short step-by-step guide on how you can create your construction report document.

1. Determine The Specific Use Of The Report

Construction reports can be used for different purposes and means. There is a specific construction report that would only cater to the labor-management, accident or incident report, or equipment status report. You can opt to have one report document that would subsume all the construction sector. However, specifying the right construction report that you want to have would divide your task and time of creating one. Identify if your scope would be in the Construction Field or at the office.

2. Set The Report Timeframe

Since reports are comprehensive and accurate in terms of its content, establishing the right timeframe is also one of the things that you'll have to consider. For instance, in a construction progress report; standard progress reports usually are established daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Determining the accurate Timeline of your report document would give you a clear picture of how you can formulate your report content.

3. Gather The Most Relevant Data

Your report content serves as the soul of your document. The report content serves as a basis for your project stakeholders for updates and tracking purposes. With this, take the time to collect all the needed data that would be vital to your construction report. Relevant documents, such as your previous construction status report could be your best basis or resource to use.

4. Utilize The Google Docs Software

Making use of a standard application that would cater to report layout is very important for you. Software layout such as Google Docs is your great program use. Why? Simple, Google Docs offers a standard built-in tool that is vital in document layout, such as reports. Plus, this application allows you to edit your files on the go for you can access this with your available web browser.

5. Enhance The Content

There are instances wherein your report content may consist of statistical figures or numbers. These figures might make your document incomprehensible for the general audience. With this, you can make use of statistical graphs, tables, and construction organizational charts. And consider making a summary statement on the conclusion part of your report

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