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How to Create an Employee Report in Apple Pages

In every employee's life, they can always encounter an employee report. But what is precisely an Employee Report?

An employee report is a type of report assigned by a manager himself to a specific employee. There are so many things to consider upon writing an employee report. But if you don't know how don't worry for we have crafted a guideline below in which you can follow. We also have our templates above that you can download if you don't want to design from scratch. Let's not make this any longer and let's get you started.

1. Determine What You Will be Reporting

First off, you have to identify the type of employee report you will be reporting. If you are assigned to create a report based on the daily travel expense of your team, then create one. But if ever you aren't assigned to any topic, then create a report based on the latest happenings in your workspace. You can have an employee training report, the monthly progress of your company, or perhaps a weekly report.

2. Gather Every Pieces of Information

Once you have already chosen the type of report you will be reporting, the next thing to do is to gather every piece of information. Gathering factual data will guide you in making your report. Let's say that you decided to create a status report based on the performances of your co-employees. To do that, you have to create a proper investigation that has an impact on their performance such as their absences, tardiness, and others.

3. Use an Employee Report Template

If you're tired from work, that is why you don't have the time to create a report from a blank canvass, then feel free to download and use a template here on our site. We have every sort of report template that you need — incident reports, activity reports, and more. Our templates are fully editable and can be accessed easily with the help of Apple Pages. So, if you have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, then editing will never be a problem. Download one now for free to help you save more time and effort.

4. Impose A Summary

If you want to make your business report more comprehensive, then provide a summary of all the things that you have mentioned from your entire report. Providing a summary will impress your manager for it gives them an idea that you have created your report well because you have highlighted the main points and ideas.

5. Submit your Employee Report

If your boss provided you with a deadline, then make your work weeks before the target day so that you will still have enough to write on your report. Writing a report is never easy, but if you know how to manage your time correctly, then we guarantee you that you will produce an excellent outcome.

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