Companies require expense reports to monitor how much money has been spent. Expense reports are done daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, depending on the company. Moreover, expense reports are usually required when requesting reimbursement for the expenses spent on a project or a business trip. Receipts are attached to the reports to counterbalance the expenses. Furthermore, expense reports also help a company prepare a budget for the next project or business trip.

Dealing with company finances alone is a difficult task. The report sheet or form you use should not make it more difficult. That’s where our hassle-free expense report templates come in; they are easy to use and completely customizable. So if you do not approve of the current format of the template, you can modify its content and format to suit your convenience. What’s included in our template is the executive summary, the project, and the costs, but of course, you can choose to add more if you are working on a more comprehensive report. What’s even more convenient is that our templates are editable through our editor tool! Click on the 'use this template icon to start editing. Right after editing, you may download the completed template to fully use it.

Once all the relevant information has been gathered, proofread, or recalculate the figures in your expense report to make sure that everything is correct. Our printable and customizable report templates, among others, are available once you sign up for a membership. Stop by at for your future template needs and hassle-free editing.

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