How to Create an Expense Report in Illustrator

An Expense Report is a report that tracks the expenses incurred on a specific company, institution, or organization. This is completed by an employee in an organization or company who has an expenditure that needs to be reimbursed. In business, the expenses that a company incur can be tracked if they have an expense report on hand. This is produced either on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. A company is productive if they have these reports recorded accordingly. In order to make an expense report, we cite steps that can help you make your own expense report for your company.

1. Name and Contact

If it is reimbursement of expenses, a company should record the name and contact information of the employee to track and organize all the expenses that go in and out of the system from different employees and departments. Employees usually use this report to file for the expenses that incur during their business travels, and contractors do follow-ups using this report for reimbursement. You can use a timesheet to keep track of your employees' productivity.

2. Purpose of Expense

Tracking the expense of a company is very difficult; you need to be organized in all aspects especially when it comes to monitoring a project expense. You need to be careful in budgeting, so determine the business value and organize all the necessary details and cater to what’s important. State also what kind of project needs to be reimbursed.

3. Date of Each Transaction

Every expense has a date of transaction where every detail is recorded accordingly. This is required to be filled out by employees who had travel business expenses or for those small businesses who have a contractor. You need to fill it out so the transaction that you made wouldn't be void by managers. We also have weekly report templates that would help you track productivity weekly.

4. Attach Receipt

Every purchased good should be recorded accordingly. It is really necessary that you attach every receipt taken part on any transaction so that the company has a record of the invoice of purchased goods. And reimbursement can be made. If a receipt is not available, you can always have it in written form from the merchant you have transacted with.

5. Signature of Approval

After putting all the information needed for the expense report, a company needs to sign the documents for approval. There should be a designated part at the bottom of the report that is approved and signed by the manager and the account payable department head so that the money used or expense made can be reimbursed.

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