Expense Reports Templates Pdf

An Expense Report Can Be As Simple As A Spreadsheet With Columns For Essential Information Or As Complex As A Multi-Page Document With Numerous Columns For A Wide Variety Of Expenses. Template.Net Can Help You Make Your Own Expense Report With Our Free Easy To Edit Templates. Download Yours Now!See more

How to Create an Expense Report in PDF

An expense report lists each purchase a business or organization has made. It is a report that states proof of documentation of an employee's cost covered with his/her money and would want to settle a reimbursement to the company. The list of expenditures to be considered in an expense report are personal outlay for company travel, corporate training, office supplies, and more. But why make an expense report? It is a useful tool in budgeting and calculating yearly tax liability. If you want to do so, then heed to this article and know more about expense policy in writing.

1. Keep Good Records

It is an employee disciplinary that in every expenditure you made, you need to secure a receipt. Receipts are essential for making your expense report. Whether you spend a dollar or two, you need to have the issued receipt. Without it, you cannot determine the status of your activity and the exact amount you extracted from your own money. It can also be a supporting document for future investigation of the reimbursement between you and your company. 

2. Sort Your Expenditures

If you can observe in a simple expense report, you can see that the type of expenditures you spent is sorted. Instead of writing blocks of paragraphs, you can make use of tables or charts in presenting your data. Analyze the overall idea of your expense and write general content about it. Fill out all of the costs you made until your last receipt. For instance, if you opt to spend for the company outing, you can organize your expenditures for the amount you spend on lodging, transportation, food, and other necessary expenses for the activity.

3. Add Item Description

Any reports must have its description. In the description part, it meant that you could include the amount of each expenditure, the timeframe, quantity, and the total amount. You can also take note of the specifications of each item, such as the type of vehicle, type of hotel, food descriptions, and such. 

4. Make Use Of Templates

Why bother making from scratch if you can format it using a template. Well, be glad that we at template.net, we offer a range of expense reports templates that you can download. Our templates have high-quality, standard-based, and 100% customizable features that you need in an expense report. We also offer other report templates such as safety, simple, school, or weekly report templates

5. Present Your Expense Report

For a healthy workplace, your performance must be adequate. After making sure that your report is capable enough to be presented, sign your expense report for validity. You also need to make sure that the supporting documents such as receipts or invoices are attached in your report. If you are filing an electronic expense report, you can scan or take a picture of your receipts for backup. After everything, wait for your manager to review it, then you can wait for feedback from your manager.